What Satellite Company is the Best Broadband Provider?

Best Broadband Providers

Before going over the discussion on the best broadband provider, you should know what satellite internet is. Satellite internet provides you with a high speed internet through a geostationary satellite. It transmits an internet signal directly to your residence. But, in order to receive this signal, you should have a special satellite receiver or dish as well as a service contract with a satellite broadband provider.

satellitesSatellite internet is very convenient especially in rural areas where DSL internet or cables are not available. It provides a high internet connection without linking it up to a telephone line.  Satellite internet is mainly designed for homes and even businesses.

There are many great satellite broadband providers that you can choose from, such as Exede Internet, HughesNET, DishNET, WildBlue, Starband, and many more. According to the most recent review, the number one best broadband provider is the Exede Internet. The second best internet provider is the HughesNET and then followed by the DishNET.

Exede Internet launched the strongest communications satellite in the world called ViaSat-1 in 2011. The company uses this new technology to transmit a high speed internet directly to your home. They provide a download speed of up to 12 mbps, which is 8 times faster than their original WildBlue internet service.

According to a reliable report from the FCC (Federal Communications Commission), the Exede Internet is the best satellite broadband provider because of its high internet speed even without using cables, DSL or a telephone line. It is indeed the best among the best broadband providers.

The download speed is up to 12mbps and the upload speed is up to 3mpbs. What’s more is that they offer 12mbps on all their plans, including the entry-level plan. You can also upload and send some files and pictures, share photos, and even use video-chat with Skype. The Exede Internet is available anywhere and you will only pay $49.99 as a starting fee, which includes a free installation and set-up. You will save $100 on this.

It is available anywhere you are because Exede uses ViaSat-1 to send a high speed network directly to your home. There is no need for any infrastructure and other wire connections to get a signal. If you can get a satellite television, then you can also get a satellite broadband.

Let’s talk about their plans and pricing. They have these four plans available for many states in the US: the Evolution, the Classic 10, the Classic 15, and the Classic 25. These are the standard plans they have for many states. Below are the summary of each plan:

1. The Evolution Plan

In this plan, they will offer you an unlimited access to browse email and Web Pages. You can use the internet anytime, because you will be provided with a 5GB (data usage or allowance). They have this so-called Early Bird Free Zone where you will be given an unmetered access to everything, which may not add a penny to your monthly bill. The schedule will be from 3am to 8am.

If you are an early bird, you can make use of the internet between 3 am to 8am. The download and the upload speed are standard, 12mbps and 3mpbs respectively. You will only pay $64.99 per month if you want to avail this plan.

2. The Classic 10

In this plan, they will provide you a 10GB data allowance for all uses every month. However, they do not offer an Early Bird Free Zone, but they have this so-called Late Night Free Zone. As opposed to the Early Bird, Late Night free Zone gives you an access to unmetered network usage between 12 midnight to 5 am. The download and the upload speed are the same as the Evolution plan. The Classic 10 will only cost you $49.99 a month.

3. The Classic 15

In here, you will be given a 15GB data allowance for all uses. This is a lot more than the above plans. Nevertheless, it has the same free zone as the Classic 10 as well as the speed for downloading and uploading. This costs $74.99 a month.

4. The Classic 25

This plan gives you a 25GB for all uses, which is a lot more than the Classic 15, but the price is a bit higher. This will cost you $129.99 per month but rest assured that you will experience an extreme high internet speed once you subscribe to Classic 25. The other features such as the free zone, the download and the upload speeds are the same as the other three plans mentioned above.

What more can you ask for this best broadband provider? Exede Internet may have everything that you need. You may want to visit their website to learn more about their other plans, pricing, and features.